Hope for Health (Speranta Pentru Sanatate) is a Romanian NGO ( non-governmental organization, or charity) working inside Victor Babes Hospital, Casa Doru pavilion for HIV/AIDS patients. Hope for Health attempts to cope with the many needs of these young patients, helping to provide medicines, supplementary food, basic hygiene items, counselling, whatever is needed. There are over 800 out-patients in our pavilion, with around 50 in-patients at all times.



Note from Mary Veal, Hope for Health President


When I first came to work with these patients as young children, average age 4 in 1993, no one could envision their future. I have watched them grow up, struggling to survive both their illness and the prejudice of the world around them. It is heartbreaking. It is inspiring. I remember looking at them when my grandchildren were born, and thinking it is a toss of the dice, which children are lucky enough to have health and security, and which children get a dirty, infected needle and an orphanage. These young Romanians deserved a better childhood.. They still deserve our help now. Please help us to help them! 


Mary Veal

President, Hope for Health



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